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Windows 10 Update: Capital Expense Computers

The Windows 10 Upgrade project has identified that capital expense computers purchased prior to 2016, must be either replaced or removed by February 28, 2020. Capital expense computers are those purchased using departmental funds and are not included in the Computer Refresh Program. These computers are not compatible with Windows 10 and cannot be upgraded. Measures must be taken due to the data security risk these devices present to the UFV community.

What do I need to do?

As per UFV policy, computer hardware is considered a restricted purchase and cannot be purchased directly by the employee/department.  To order a new capital expense computer please follow these steps:

  • Complete a Supply Purchase Request (SPR) with the computer specifications you require.
    Click here for UFV standard configuration for workstations/laptops and pricing.
  • Include the user, location, and workstation ID of the device being replaced
  • Ensure that the budget holder signs and approves the SPR
  • Forward the SPR to IT Services, Abbotsford Campus, B244
  • Once the computer is delivered there will be a budget transfer to ITS from the department


We recommend that you submit your SPR’s as soon as possible to insure they can be installed prior to the deadline date.

Users with a capital expense computer that needs to be removed must contact ITS.   We can pick up your old computer and decommission on your behalf.  Please contact us to arrange pick up

Still need more info?

If you have any questions or would like to know if you have capital expense computers located in your department, please email for more information or visit our project page; Windows 10 Upgrade.

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