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How can I access and use my UFV student email?

Access your email from two locations:

  • allows you to read your email and access other computer resources
  • myEmail allows access to student email only

Email Format

    • Example:
  • Note: Common names may have sequence numbers added to email address
    • Example:

Email Storage Space

  • Web-based e-mail message storage space is limited to 300 mb.
  • You can forward messages to another email account if you choose.

Advanced settings

  • Many email clients support POP and IMAP to access the student email system and can be downloaded from the internet.

POP/IMAP settings

  • Username: 9 digit student ID
  • Password: 6 digit PIN
  • at UFV

    • Inbound =
    • Outbound =
  • at home
    • Inbound =
    • Outbound = your own ISP setting
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