STOTW – More URL Tips

Here are a couple of things to watch out for concerning URLs. . . Tip #1 After navigating to a website, check and confirm that the URL displayed in your browser’s address bar matches the intended destination. For example, if you were visiting the website of security vendor Sophos, the displayed address should read […]

STOTW – More Email Security Tips

Here are a few more things to keep in mind concerning email. . . Turn off automatic addressing—this will help prevent sending email to the wrong address Use BCC (blind carbon copy) when sending to multiple recipients—it is a good practice not to share the email addresses of others with those who do not need […]

STOTW – Clickjacking

Clickjacking is a Web browser exploit that has plagued users in recent years. It has been one of the most common attacks by spammers on Facebook. Clickjacking takes advantage of the multi-layer structure of Web pages.  A common use of this exploit is to place an “overlay page” on top of an existing page that […]

STOTW – Cookies

Mmm!  Oreos?  Chips Ahoy?  No, not those kinds of cookies. In the computer world, cookies are little snippets of information that are stored temporarily or permanently on the Web user’s computer. A typical cookie is a text file that contains a small amount of information about a user’s surfing habits, or information about preferences for […]

STOTW – Encryption for Mobile Devices

Protecting data on your mobile device is an important consideration. Do you have private, confidential information saved on your laptop, USB flash drive, or smartphone?  What if it were lost or stolen? Of course you guard that shiny new notebook or smartphone with your life, but are you willing to take the risk of having […]

STOTW – Identity Theft Victim?

Wondering how you can tell if you have become a victim of identity theft? Security expert, Graham Cluley, offers the following clues: You stop receiving bills or other mail (it’s been re-directed to another address) You receive credit cards you did not apply for Your credit is denied for no apparent reason Debt collectors begin […]

STOTW – Another Spam Tip

Want to avoid getting spammed after filling in an online form? Don’t use your primary email address. Having a secondary email account is handy when an email address is required for completing an online registration. Simply create an or Gmail account for this purpose, and avoid inviting a deluge of unwanted messages  to your […]

STOTW – The Dangers of P2P

To P2P or not to P2P. . .that is the question. What is P2P? P2P stands for peer-to-peer, and it is a popular means of networking a diverse number of computers together, typically for the purpose of sharing music or data files. If you have connected to services like BitTorrent or Limewire, you have been […]

STOTW – Making Passwords Stronger

To help make your passwords stronger and more secure, you can add complexity by including some special characters. Special characters that can be used include: !  “  #  $  %  &  ‘  (  )  *  + ,  –  .  /  :  ;  <  =  >  ?  @ [  \  ]  ^  _  `  {  |  […]

STOTW – PII Revisited

PII stands for Personally Identifiable Information. PII can include your: Full Name Birth Date Social Insurance # Credit Card #s Bank Account Info Student ID This is the type of information that identity thieves target so they can re-create your personal profile and impersonate you for fraudulent purposes. PII should always be treated as confidential, […]