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STOTW – Online Passwords

This was posted just a few weeks ago, but in light of recent events, it bears repeating as it applies to UFV account passwords, as well. . . It seems that every week there are stories of people who have had their Twitter or Facebook account hacked. Bad actors are on the prowl looking for […]

Critical Bluetooth Vulnerabilities Discovered

The BlueBorne Threat By now, many people may have heard about the BlueBorne threat. BlueBorne is a potentially serious attack that takes advantage of a number of recently discovered Bluetooth vulnerabilities affecting more than 5.3 billion Bluetooth enabled wireless devices worldwide. Bluetooth devices can include smartphones, laptops, tablets, printers, and a myriad of other IoT […]

STOTW – Worst Passwords List 2014

  SplashData recently published a list of the worst passwords for 2014. The top 10 include: 123456 password 12345 12345678 qwerty 123456789 1234 baseball dragon football Recognize any of these?  Are you protecting your valuable information with one of them? Remember: hackers know about this list, too.  

STOTW – Beware: URL Shortening

  Many bloggers and, in particular, users of Twitter are taking advantage of URL-shortening services. Web sites such as TinyURL and allow users to take a long URL and effectively shorten it by creating an alias. Example: becomes   tinyurl/ This is a handy, space-saving convenience for users of Twitter where messages are […]

STOTW – Updating AV Software

An overwhelming number of new viruses and other malware are being created and released on a daily basis. With over 200,000 new samples of malware or variants detected each day, it is little wonder that malware has grown exponentially during the last few years. Having a good anti-virus program protecting your computer is very important. But […]

STOTW – Location Services Update

One of the more recent services to hit social networking is location updating. In the case of Facebook Places, this service allows users to provide followers with their current location. It’s interesting technology, but user beware. Case in point: A trio of burglars in New Hampshire were arrested following a series of break-ins. As is turns out, they […]

Welcome to the IT Security Blog

The IT Security blog is now officially up and running. The blog is an important channel for presenting current and relevant information concerning the security of UFV’s computer network as well as the security of those who are part of our online community. Working in conjunction with the IT Security Website, the primary focus of […]