STOTW – Online Passwords

This was posted just a few weeks ago, but in light of recent events, it bears repeating as it applies to UFV account passwords, as well. . . It seems that every week there are stories of people who have had their Twitter or Facebook account hacked. Bad actors are on the prowl looking for […]

STOTW – Online Safety Tips

It goes without saying that online safety is becoming increasingly important. While technology can help provide a safer online experience, ultimately you are responsible for your own protection. With that in mind, IT blogger, Ed Bott, has written a great article entitled “Stay Safe Online: 5 Secrets Every PC (and Mac) Owner Should Know.” In […]

STOTW – Free Malware

Free malware?  Who wants it, free or otherwise? Probably no one, but that’s not what this is about. Using  the word ‘free’ in an online search engine can increase the chances of downloading malware. A report by security company McAfee, indicates that searching for free things on the Internet is an open invitation for some […]

STOTW – Online Passwords

It seems that every week there are stories of people who have had their Twitter or Facebook account hacked. Bad actors are on the prowl looking for easy targets such as online accounts that can be compromised and accessed for malicious purposes. What can be done about this? To start, make sure your online account […]

STOTW – Using Public Computers

Most of us will wash our hands before sitting down to eat. However, when it comes to  using public computers such as ones found in libraries or at airport kiosks, are we equally concerned about cleanliness?  You have no idea of what bad things may be lurking there–either in the hardware or the software. In […]

Critical Bluetooth Vulnerabilities Discovered

The BlueBorne Threat By now, many people may have heard about the BlueBorne threat. BlueBorne is a potentially serious attack that takes advantage of a number of recently discovered Bluetooth vulnerabilities affecting more than 5.3 billion Bluetooth enabled wireless devices worldwide. Bluetooth devices can include smartphones, laptops, tablets, printers, and a myriad of other IoT […]

STOTW – Fake Notifications

An ongoing trend among cybercriminals is to blend social engineering with malware. This is accomplished via the use of fake notifications. A good example is a spurious email message that appears to have been sent from a shipping company like FedEx or UPS claiming that an item you recently shipped cannot be delivered. You are […]

STOTW – Be Careful What You Say

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are great, but you need to be careful about the information you reveal about yourself on them. Case in point: a well-known blogger tweets that she is turning 35 in a couple of days. A harmless piece of information?  Maybe.  Maybe not. Using the information in this tweet, it […]

STOTW – Be Careful What You Post

With summer vacation time upon us, it is a good opportunity to remind vacationers about the risks of posting holiday plans and pictures via social media. Case in point: a well-known actress had her Hollywood home broken into while she and her family were vacationing in Canada.  She had recently posted a number of pictures […]

STOTW – Storing Passwords Safely

The more online access you have, the more passwords you are likely accumulating. While some people re-use passwords for multiple online accounts such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, etc., this is a dangerous practice from a security perspective. If a hacker somehow gets a hold of your password, he or she has access to every […]