This summer of 2014 is going to be my last semester at UFV. Back in September 2009, I came to Canada from Saudi Arabia and took English Second Language (ESL) courses for a year and a half. In 2011, I joined the Computer Information System (CIS) degree program because I have always been interested in programming, networking, and security. Through the semesters, part of my degree program requirement has been to take some communication courses. I have learned from these courses some professional communication skills, designing documents, researching, solving problems, and formal presentations. During the time of taking these courses and learning all of these skills, I actually ended up pursuing the communication field and decided to make communication is my minor. I was only three more courses behind for this minor besides the communication courses that I had to take in my CIS degree. I will be graduating by the end of June 2014 with a Computer Information Technology degree and a minor in Communications. I am looking forward to graduating and then looking to getting accepted in a Masters of Computer Security in Canada.

My future goals is to be an expert in the computer security field and get a job at the police department and chase people online such as hackers to trace their location and find their computer crimes. If that dream job did not work I am hoping to get a job at a big company at their IT department and make sure they have an online secure company. On the other side my future plans to have a photography business company besides my main job so I can still do some of the things I like to do.

Back to when I came to Canada in Sep 2009. I came here by myself knowing no one here, and my English was not good. My first week in Canada was the hardest. While I lived at UFV residences, I locked myself in my room for a week surviving on snacks I brought from home and water, and I had two bed sheets or pillows, I just slept on a plain bed. I was scared to leave my room to not get lost since I knew nothing and my English was not good so I wasn’t able to communicate! I came to a place that has different culture, religions, and weather, so it took me a while to get used to it. After all of that, I met my best friend Alivia who used to live at the room across of my room. She is Canadian and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She saw what I have been going through so she decided to be part of my life and show me everything around and made me practice English with her. ESL courses gave me the keys to learning English and it was up to me either to use these keys and try them or just throw them away. At the end I worked really hard on learning English and getting familiar with all the different culture Canada has. My family back home in Saudi Arabia is really proud of me for being really close to graduating. Just imagine going to a country located around 17 hours long flight from your home country and you have to learn their language, make new friends, have a new life, facing all the risks life puts you to, and most importantly learning about their culture and religions. Then during all of that you get to study what you like in university in a second language and graduate after around four years. It is no easy task.

Besides school I always like to practice my hobbies as much as possible; for example, playing piano, reading, hiking, and photography. Photography is my favourite hobby. I have been a photographer for more than eight years. My pictures can be viewed on my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reelax-Faisal-Alhumaidi-Photography/124805107555456?id=124805107555456&sk=photos_stream. I like to always be involved with school events specially sports. In 2010 during the winter semester I started going to most of the home basketball, volleyball, and soccer games to take some professional pictures of the players and game actions. I have been doing that for completely free since the UFV professional photographer costs the students three to eight bucks for each photo! I wanted to do something nice for our school athletes in return of the hard work they do from practicing, traveling, and winning, in the top of all of that they still get good grades in school. Most of UFV athletes start to follow my Facebook photography page to get these photos for free and support me on doing that.

What I have learned from my UFV semesters that I work better under pressure. Fall 2013 was the hardest semester I have ever taken. I was taking two online courses, one independent course, and four in class courses. I had to organize my day schedule very carefully with splitting all of the course works evenly plus making some time to do my hobbies and skyping my family back home. This challenge at the end went well and I was satisfied with the grades I got. This semester taught me how to manage social life with this amount of school work I had, and it made me into a better student overall.