I am a second year student in the Library and Information Technology diploma program at UFV and this is my final semester. I previously completed a B.A. in History at UFV and I came back when I decided to pursue a career in libraries. The first thing I learned upon entering the school was that the library world is significantly bigger than I thought. I’m very excited about the opportunities I will have after I graduate and as much as I have enjoyed my time at UFV I’m looking forward to the next part of my life. Outside of school I enjoy hobbies such as reading, watching TV and movies, and jewelry making. My jewelry was recently featured in an article in the Cascade newspaper, which was very exciting. I am also into Steampunk (Victorian Science Fiction) and make costumes, jewelry, and props in that theme for different events I attend.

A week in the life of…

My program offers a mix of on-line and in-class sessions. This semester I am in two on-line classes and a site-visits class (off-campus fieldtrips to different library and information centres). I will also be completing a two-week practicum in April/May. It is a little odd this semester as I normally have at least one in-class class but I stay connected to campus through my Research Assistant job at the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies. Each semester is a different experience- last week I was on campus every day between classes and work, but a week in this semester goes something like this:

Monday- Check for new course content online and do homework and assignments (in my pajamas! That never gets old 🙂 I’m enjoying my classes this semester. One is about reference services (I am currently working on a group project and we are designing a website on WordPress for it) and the other is about media in information centres (any material that is not in traditional print medium).

Tuesday- Site visits. Our last site visit was to the Library of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and the one before that was a two-day trip to Victoria. The site visits are a lot of fun and very interesting. We’ve gone to libraries at UBC and UVIC, a Public Health Services library, and the Langley Archives as well as many others over the semester.

Wednesday- flex day. I work on anything that needs doing, whether it is homework, housework, or work- right now I’m using Wednesdays to make up some hours at CICS I missed during mid-term week.

Thursday/Friday- I work at CICS from 9-2. On Thursdays I go to beading club 5-9 and on Fridays I run errands before I head home. I love working at the CICS- the work has been fascinating and the people are wonderful. This week I have been working on a web development project regarding the vote and a poster for research day based on my work at the CICS. Most of my work has centred on archival research, digitization and database projects with collections of historical documents.

Saturday/Sunday- Catch up on anything I didn’t get done during the week, work on term assignments, and relax!

I also serve as the Social Coordinator for my Student Association, LITSA. This semester I organized a Quiz Night fundraiser at Aftermath.

Outside of school…

Balance is important and I try to have some- when it’s even vaguely possible. So far I haven’t completely disappeared on all my friends (though midterm weeks were pretty sketchy) and helped do some major home renovations. I have plans over the next couple months to: sell handmade jewelry and leatherwork  at the Time Traveler’s Bazaar (a steampunk themed market); go to the Abbotsford Rock and Gem Show (very excited!); and attend Fan Expo (second year going- it’s so much fun). I also teach jewelry making classes at Strung Out on Beads.