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Workshop Breakout I – Breakout Group 4 (Students) – Personal & Institutional Reflections on Indigenizing the Academy

Personal & Institutional Reflections on Indigenizing the Academy Workshop Breakout I Breakout Group 4 (Students) Facilitator: James Shawna Note taker: Alyson Seale 2621 *introductions *the session covered three questions: -what interests you about ‘Indigenizing the academy’? -How did you learn about the gathering and what brought you here? -What do you hope to learn and […]

Aboriginal students who complete undergrads more likely to go onto higher degrees

The process of aboriginal education is improving but very slowly. Only recently, aboriginal people were limited to a grade 5 education. It is only this generation that sees aboriginal people at university. Unfortunately, there is only a 50% graduation rate for aboriginal students from the k-12 system. However, aboriginal students who complete their undergraduate degrees […]

Elders, Aboriginal advisors and Culture: a “way of being”, not an event

Communities where there are no bands makes the community liaison job difficult.  The students do not self-identify as First Nations. There is an advisory committee to build a better approach to the First Nation program and approaches but the systemic barriers need to be acknowledged before they can be changed. Changes have begun in the […]

Learning Does Not Need to Be Uncomfortable

Just because learning was uncomfortable for me does not mean that I need to make it uncomfortable for my students. I try very hard to create compassionate, genuine, reciprocal relationships with my students.