Academics at Haverford College

I came across the explicit “Haverford Students graduate with” directly on their Academics page: and realized how immediate I equated Haverford’s academic culture with these two statements. UFV could explore the options of directly stating our ILOs on our homepage, departmental pages, and/or recruitment material to immediately differentiate ourselves/our programs to prospective students, schools … Read more

Editor’s ILOs

Here is the draft list of revised UFV ILOs from the May 1 Professional Development day: 1) Demonstrate information competency 2) Analyze critically and imaginatively 3) Solve problems 4) Communicate effectively 5) Demonstrate ethical practices 6) Contribute locally and globally 7) Engage in self-motivated and self-reflective learning 8) Engage in collaborative practices These ILOs will … Read more

ILO Rough Draft Comment

I have a suggestion to reword one of your learning outcomes. The learning outcome on your draft that reads “Engage in ethical, cooperative, and professional practices” be re-worded to read “Engage in ethical, collaborative, and professional practices”. The term collaborative is stronger and entails being able to learn and work collaborative in teams and to … Read more

Provost’s Forum – Institutional Learning Outcomes – Rough Draft

On March 5, 2012, UFV Provost and Vice-President, Academic, Eric Davis presented on the current state of ILOs and dialogued with audience members. A broad range of questions were asked from the audience verbally and were translated into physical comments on the rough draft ILOs that were tacked to the walls. Participants had the opportunity … Read more