UFV finalizes Institutional Learning Outcomes

In August 2012, the University of the Fraser Valley approved the Institutional Learning Outcomes developed through widespread internal and external consultation documented in this blog. To read the final version of the ILOs, and find further information about Years 1 and 2 of the project, browse stories, photos and more, visit ufv.ca/ILOs.

Academics at Haverford College

I came across the explicit “Haverford Students graduate with” directly on their Academics page: http://www.haverford.edu/academics/ and realized how immediate I equated Haverford’s academic culture with these two statements. UFV could explore the options of directly stating our ILOs on our homepage, departmental pages, and/or recruitment material to immediately differentiate ourselves/our programs to prospective students, schools […]

Editor’s ILOs

Here is the draft list of revised UFV ILOs from the May 1 Professional Development day: 1) Demonstrate information competency 2) Analyze critically and imaginatively 3) Solve problems 4) Communicate effectively 5) Demonstrate ethical practices 6) Contribute locally and globally 7) Engage in self-motivated and self-reflective learning 8) Engage in collaborative practices These ILOs will […]

Economics Department ILO Submission

Economics Department Submission on Institutional Learning Outcomes   At one of the meetings regarding Institutional Learning Outcomes, there was a discussion about how many outcomes we should have.  The thinking was that 3 was too few, 20 too many, and that the right number may be between 7 and 9.  Given this, the submission from […]

Proposal for Alternatives to Draft ILOs

Some members of the faculty of science have built an alternate proposal for learning outcomes.  We believe these are meaningful, measurable, and relevant to almost any program here at UFV.  We propose that these replace the outcomes on the list presented March 5. Outcome Existing Category (in “thematic analysis” document) Read, write and communicate effectively. […]

ILO Rough Draft Comment 2

I think #1 should be reworded:  Demonstrate informed and socially just respect for diverse peoples and the environment. Ruth Vandenbor

UFV May 1 Professional Day: Institutional Learning Outcomes Registration

Register now for the May 1, 2012 Professional Day taking place in B101 on the Abbotsford campus from 830am-330pm. Speakers and presentations will include Eric Davis, Wendy Burton, Elizabeth Dennis along with a panel discussing the question: What is a university? Included in your registration is complimentary continental breakfast and lunch. All students, staff, faculty, […]