Academics at Haverford College

I came across the explicit “Haverford Students graduate with” directly on their Academics page: and realized how immediate I equated Haverford’s academic culture with these two statements. UFV could explore the options of directly stating our ILOs on our homepage, departmental pages, and/or recruitment material to immediately differentiate ourselves/our programs to prospective students, schools … Read more

Editor’s ILOs

Here is the draft list of revised UFV ILOs from the May 1 Professional Development day: 1) Demonstrate information competency 2) Analyze critically and imaginatively 3) Solve problems 4) Communicate effectively 5) Demonstrate ethical practices 6) Contribute locally and globally 7) Engage in self-motivated and self-reflective learning 8) Engage in collaborative practices These ILOs will … Read more

Economics Department ILO Submission

Economics Department Submission on Institutional Learning Outcomes   At one of the meetings regarding Institutional Learning Outcomes, there was a discussion about how many outcomes we should have.  The thinking was that 3 was too few, 20 too many, and that the right number may be between 7 and 9.  Given this, the submission from … Read more

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