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Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a fully accredited, public university that enrolls approximately 16,000 students per year. UFV has campuses and locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope and Agassiz, and a growing presence in Chandigarh, India.

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Designing Tail Art for Cascade Aerospace

To commemorate the Mexican Air Force’s 100th Anniversary – Fuerza Aérea Mexicana – Cascade Aerospace in Abbotsford worked with UFV’s graphic design students to create expressive tail art design for three C160 Hercules planes. This project was brought into two courses — GD101 Design Fundamentals and GD374 Brand Identity. In GD101, students explored design movements and worked with modernist themes to create visual compositions, whereas in GD374, students considered branding elements and constraints for large scale three-dimensional graphics with curved surfaces. Both classes created an impressive selection of graphic solutions. The project began with a client briefing and tour of Cascade Aerospace to see the planes being built and the tails. Part way through the project, Cascade marketing professionals and engineers were brought into the classroom at UFV Mission to view the work and share their expertise.

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