AGUS Fall Fundraiser

The Association of Geography Undergrad Students will be holding their 3rd Annual Fall Fundraiser! October 4th at Townhall Public House (33720 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford)

Ticket are $20. Price includes a beef, chicken or veggie burger with fries and your choice of beverage.

Lots of different opportunities to win great prizes, including a 4-credit course at UFV!

Contact an AGUS executive by emailing or Leah Sperling, Department Assistant for Geography and the Environment at

We hope to see you there!


Hope new affordable housing will draw more people to Chilliwack

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CHILLIWACK (NEWS 1130) – It’s not just about drawing more Metro Vancouver commuters to the Fraser Valley.

That’s what the mayor of Chilliwack is saying about plans to revitalize her city’s downtown core.

Sharon Gaetz says the goal is to make Chilliwack a place more people want to call home — without compromising the resources responsible for growth in the past.

“It really is preparing to have at least another 134 families move in to our area, so we’re limited by the kind of development we can have because of farmland,” she says. “Preserve the farmland. One in five jobs is directly related to agriculture, so there are limited areas for people to actually move into, so a lot of the development that we’re seeing is a re-development and in-fill development.”

She says Chilliwack is a community that boasts a lot of “natural amenities”, like Cultus Lake, mountains and rivers. “So we are seeing a lot of people relocate.”

Gaetz doesn’t see growth slowing down any time soon — but she admits it is slower than she would like to see.

“Downtowns have been very difficult for most communities to revitalize because they’re so complex. So much about downtown is about shopping patterns, and downtowns used to be the place where everybody went to buy their retail. So what we have determined in our consultations with economic advisers and real estate gurus is that we needed to redevelop the downtown to have a mix of retail and residences.”

An associate professor of geography at the University of the Fraser Valley — Cherie Enns — says it’s also important to make sure new growth happens at a sustainable pace.

“Focus on ways to create more employment opportunities, alternative forms of work and to really address the environmental issues that can come through increasing commuting.”

She adds another goal should be to draw more millenials to Chilliwack.

“They may be the ones that are beginning to have children. They’re the ones often seen as more innovative and creative.”

Enns says a recent study showed millennials consider Chilliwack and the Township of Langley one of Canada’s five worst cities to live.

Fall Registration

Fall registration is quickly filling up – consider taking GEOG 312 – Political Ecology. This course looks at examining the way social and political factors influence human interaction with the environment, and unequal distribution of natural resource wealth.

This course will be offered in the fall semester on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 2:30 – 4:40pm. Sign up now!

If you are interested in the course but want more information contact the GATE department assistant for more information.

An Abandoned Mall could Doom a Small Town’s Hope for Revival

The Aldergrove Centre Mall thrived in the ’70s, but started to fall apart soon after. Aldergrove is a small town with a big problem. Click here to find out  Cherie Enns’ thoughts on the abandoned mall in Aldergrove.


“For the most part, [people want] an attractive environment. A place where children can play, older people can stroll and sit and enjoy.” – Cherie Enns

GEOG 304 – Coasts and Climate Change Videos

This semester the GEOG 304 students have created a series of educational videos looking at adaptation strategies for addressing sea level rise in Crescent Beach.   GEOG 304 has been working in partnership with the CFAS project this semester to survey residents and visitors to Crescent Beach on these options as well as investigating the current beach geomorphology and predicting possible changes due to sea level rise.  These videos will be linked to the CFAS page and serve as educational awareness to the public on these options.


To view these videos please click here

Internship Information Session

Do you want to go on a fully funded, three month internship to Tanzania, Kenya or India?

Attend one of the information sessions to find out more:

  • March 27th from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Room B133
  • April 9th from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm, Room C1429

Requirements: You are a permanent resident, under 35 years old, and have 60+ university credits.

If you can’t make either session, email: or visit


Geography 202 Field Trip


The Geography 202 class participated in a two-day field trip (March 17-18) that explored the region of south-central British Columbia that contained Glacial Lake Thompson, a giant glacial lake that filled much of the Thompson Valley at the end of the last glaciation (ice age). During the trip students learned the extent of the glacial lake, and how the landscape adjusted after its catastrophic drainage about 11,000 years ago. The photograph shows the class in front of Kamloops Lake, a small remnant of Glacial Lake Thompson.

(Photo credit: John Elmore)