Racialized, Gendered and Sensationalized: An examination of Canadian anti-trafficking laws, their enforcement and their representation

Hayli Millar and Tamara O’Doherty. (2020). “Racialized, Gendered and Sensationalized: An examination of Canadian anti-trafficking laws, their enforcement and their representation”. Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 35(1):45-67. Abstract: In Canada, there are persistent allegations and some empirical evidence suggesting racialized police bias; certain (non-White) groups appear to face over-enforcement as criminal suspects and under-enforcement … Read more

Student Publications in Justice Report

Please find the reports here: https://www.ccja-acjp.ca/pub/en/justice-report/issue-34-3/   Jessica Jahn & Yvon Dandurand (2019). Any Progress Yet? The role of civil society in monitoring anti-human trafficking efforts, Justice Report,  34 (3): pp.21-24. Samantha de Vries (2019). International Cooperation Successfully Stops Prolific Child Sex Offenders, Justice Report,  34 (3): pp.44-47.  

Patterns of Police, Fire, and Ambulance Calls-for-Service: scanning the Spatio-Temporal Intersection of Emergency Service Problems

Independent analysis of police, fire, and ambulance calls for service demonstrates common patterns in emergency service activity. Targeted, place-focused interventions have been demonstrated to prevent future problems for emergency services. This research builds on these findings to examine the spatial and temporal intersection of police, fire, and ambulance incidents to explore the potential utility of … Read more

On the Job – Practicum Winter 2017

One of our new practicum positions that began this winter was set up as a collaboration with the City of Mission, Fire Department, and Victim Services/RCMP. It went great and we look forward to more students participating in this opportunity. Pictured below are Blaine Odenbach (Assistant Fire Chief, Fire Prevention/Emergency Program Coordinator, Mission Fire Rescue … Read more

A Formidable Task: Reflections on obtaining legal empirical evidence on human trafficking in Canada

This article explores the experiences, challenges and findings of two empirical research studies examining Canada’s legal efforts to combat human trafficking. The authors outline the methodologies of their respective studies and reflect on some of the difficulties they faced in obtaining empirical data on human trafficking court cases and legal proceedings. Ultimately, the authors found … Read more