Ammiel Alcalay to speak on Suppressed Histories: From Gloucester to Jerusalem, Sarajevo, and Indigenous America

Scholar, poet, translator, editor, critic, and activist Ammiel Alcalay will present his exploration and advocacy of cultures that have been suppressed by colonialism, forced displacement, and other forms of oppression. Join us for a discussion of peoples, languages, displacements, and survival.

Thurs, Jan 21
4 pm
Abby B101
Reception to follow

Ammiel Alcalay’s books include After Jew and Arabs: Remaking Levantine Culture (1993); Memories of our Future: Selected Essays (1982-1999); Scrapmetal (2007); Islanders (2010); “neither wit not gold” (from then) (2011); from the warring factions, 2nd ed. (2012), and a little history (2013). He has edited an anthology of Israeli writing, Keys to the Garden: New Israeli Writing (1996) and translated numerous books and essays from Bosnian, Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, Italian and French. During the war in former Yugoslavia, he was one of the only translators working from Bosnian and he has published translations of war survivors. He is founder and general editor of the Lost and Found series of chapbook publications of archival documents on American writers at City University, New York. Professor Alcalay is currently deputy chair of the PhD program in English at The Graduate Center, CUNY and Professor of Hebrew at Queens College.

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