Presidential search committee to interview candidates this fall

Candidate interviews are underway to select the next UFV President & Vice Chancellor. The national search, conducted by Boyden Global Executive Search, has resulted in a list of candidates for preliminary interviews this fall by the Presidential Search Committee. The committee was established by the UFV Board of Governors.

Following the preliminary round, the search committee will interview a short list of candidates. While the short listed interview process will remain confidential, the Search Committee will use a hybrid approach in order to solicit input and comments from invited stakeholders groups. For more information about this approach and the invited stakeholders, please read the Short List Interview Plan.

Upon the recommendation of the Search Committee, UFV’s Board of Governors will select the next President & Vice Chancellor to succeed Dr. Mark Evered upon his planned retirement, June 30, 2017.

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National search underway for new UFV president

The national search for UFV’s next President and Vice-Chancellor is now underway.

The opportunity is being promoted widely, and can be viewed online at Boyden Global Executive Search. We expect this initial phase of the search for suitable candidates to span the next several months.

Thank you to all students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members who participated in the forums and surveys this spring to help shape the candidate profile and position description for UFV’s next leader.

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Presidential search committee welcomes feedback on draft candidate profile

The search committee for UFV’s new President & Vice Chancellor invites your comments on the draft candidate profile, online here.

Everyone is welcome to provide feedback – students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members. Comments will be open until 9 am, Monday, May 9th. Please send your feedback to, or use the comment box below to share your comments publicly.

Information collected will be reviewed by search committee members at their next meeting as they finalize the document for this national search.

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Presidential Search Committee members selected

The 13 members of UFV’s Presidential Search Committee have been selected through the process outlined in the Procedures for Presidential Search. The members are:

  • The Chair of the Board, or the Chair’s designate, who will serve as the Presidential Search Committee Chair
    Randy Bartsch, First Vice-Chair, UFV Board of Governors
  • Two government-appointed members of the Board selected by the Board
  1. John Pankratz, Second Vice-Chair, UFV Board of Governors
  2. Len Goerke, UFV Board of Governors
  • One member of the senior executive team selected by the Board
    Jackie Hogan, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Administration
  • One senior academic administrator (Associate Vice-President, Dean, Associate Dean) selected by Senate
    Dr. Jacqueline Nolte, Dean, College of Arts
  • Three faculty members selected by Senate
  1. Dr. Garry Fehr, Associate Professor, Geography and the Environment, College of Arts;
    Director, Agriculture Centre of Excellence
  2. Dr. Robert Harding, Associate Professor, School of Social Work and Human Services,
    Faculty of Professional Studies
  3. Shelley Canning, Associate Professor, Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • One member of staff (FSA member or exempt) selected by Senate
    Liana Thompson, Director, Continuing Education, Faculty of Access and Continuing Education
  • Two students selected by the Student Union Society Executive
  1. Sukhdeep Brar, President-elect, UFV Student Union Society
  2. Derek Ward-Hall
  • One member of the Alumni Association selected by the Alumni Association
    Nik Venema, Board Chair, UFV Alumni Association

The Board of Governors wishes to thank the members above and the many others who put their names forward to serve on this selection committee. The committee’s first meeting will be in April.

How can you participate? All UFV students, staff, faculty, alumni, friends and community members are invited to attend one of the two Presidential Search Public Forums or to participate in the online survey, to share your views and help guide the search committee in their work. Find out more here.



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Presidential Search Forums and Survey

The UFV Board is in the consultation phase of the search for a new President and Vice-Chancellor.

There are several channels for community input to the presidential search process including two upcoming public forums and an online survey.

Presidential Search Public Forums:

UFV will be holding two public forums for all members of the UFV community to provide feedback to the Presidential Search Committee. Input will be sought on the development of search criteria and recommendations of candidates. These forums will be held on:

Monday, April 4

Chilliwack campus at CEP: 10 – 11 a.m. Aboriginal Gathering Place – Building A (Room 1457)

Abbotsford campus: 2 – 3 p.m. Building A, Room A225/A229

The forums will be attended by members of the Presidential Search Committee and representatives of Boyden Global Executive Search.

Online Survey:

If you can’t attend the forums, or wish to provide the committee with written feedback, please complete the online Presidential Search Consultation Survey. This survey will remain open until 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. Everyone is welcome to participate.

For more information on the search procedures, you’re welcome to read the Procedures for the Presidential Search.

The Presidential Search Committee values your input and we hope you will attend one of the forums or provide your input via the survey.


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Volunteer to serve on the Presidential Search Committee

A message from the UFV Senate

The Board of Governors has started the process for selection of the next President & Vice Chancellor of UFV to succeed Dr. Mark Evered upon his planned retirement, June 30, 2017.

As set out in the University Act, the Board will lead the search for a new President & Vice-Chancellor with procedures approved by Senate.

Call for expressions of interest

Senate is tasked with selecting the following five members for the 13-member Presidential Search Committee:

  • One senior academic administrator (Associate VP, Dean, Associate Dean)
  • Three faculty members
  • One staff member (FSA or exempt)

How to apply

To volunteer to serve on the Presidential Search Committee, please complete an expression of interest form and send it to Linda Dahl, room B303, Abbotsford campus or email

Linked here are the Presidential Search Committee-expression of interest form and the Procedures for Presidential Search.

The deadline for submissions is 4 pm on Fri Mar 4, 2016. Late forms will not be accepted.

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Search for UFV’s next President & Vice-Chancellor

A message from UFV Board of Governors Chair Barry Delaney

Dear UFV community,

UFV President & Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mark Evered has advised the Board of Governors of his intention to retire at the end of his second term, effective June 30, 2017. The Board is grateful for the leadership and vision Dr. Evered has brought to his role as President & Vice-Chancellor. We look forward to serving with him through the next 16 months as we plan for this transition of office.

As set out in the University Act, the Board will lead the search for a new President & Vice-Chancellor with procedures approved by Senate. You are welcome to read the procedures document online here.

The Board will establish a Presidential Search Committee to consider candidates and make a recommendation to the Board. This committee will consist of 13 voting members, including seats selected by the Board, Senate, Student Union Society Executive and UFV Alumni Association.

The Executive Committee of the Board has chosen a search firm, Boyden Global Executive Search, to guide the Board and the Presidential Search Committee. The search firm will assist with stakeholder consultations, including public forums and an online survey, to provide all members of the university community opportunities to contribute.

I welcome and encourage you to participate in the search for UFV’s next President & Vice-Chancellor, and to watch for upcoming announcements as this process unfolds.


Barry Delaney, Chair
UFV Board of Governors

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