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A true myWeb story: Help! The link to my PDF will not go away

This week, a myWeb user was trying to break a link to a PDF on her website. First, she broke the link to the PDF by clicking the Unlink icon. As expected, the link disappeared from her editing window. But when she published her content, the link was still there on the web page. Then […]

How do I make an image clickable so it opens to a PDF?

Question: How do I make an image clickable so it opens to a PDF? Answer:  To make an image clickable to open to a PDF (or another image) you need to build the path of the location of the PDF in the Media Library: EXAMPLE: [–default path to Media Library–][——folder 1——][—-folder 2—-][—————filename————–]   Go […]

Redirect – How do I request one to be on my website?

Question:  How do I request a redirect from one URL address to another URL address?  Answer:  Fill out your information on our Request Redirect form. The Request Rediect form is located at Please allow 2 business days for your request to be completed. Thanks! MyWeb Team

New guide to help users size images

A new guide to sizing images for myWeb has been added to the collection of resources available to help content editors manage their content. The first guide in the new myWeb Training Series, How to Make Images for Web is a handy reference to help you size your photos and images before you upload them […]

How do I replace a PDF?

Questions: How do I update a PDF in the media library so it automatically updates my content? Answer: Update your PDF in the Media Library and it will update your PDF link in your content Go to the Media Library. Open to the Preview Detailed Mode (small icon on right side of Add Media bar). […]

How do I place a PDF on my page?

Questions:  How do I do create a link to open a PDF in my content Answer:  You need to upload your PDF into the Media Library and then link to it from your web page content In the Main Body of your content, place the mouse where you want to insert your PDF link and […]

My changes are not showing on the live UFV website

Question:   I made a couple changes to a web page yesterday, and they are still not reflected on the live UFV website this morning even after I published the page. Answer:  Please make sure you are looking at the correct page.  With the migration, there have been some changes to the names of the pages […]