LIYSF Day 15 – 7 August 13

My plane left Heathrow at 16.15 for Edmonton today so I wanted to make sure I didn’t waste my last morning in London! After packing and checking out of my room, I took the Tube to Westminster and walked to the National Gallery. Along the way past Westminster Abbey, the Parliament buildings, Queen’s tower (this […]

LIYSF Day 14 – 6 August 2013

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, It is the last official day of LIYSF today. After breakfast, I took part in a debate on “Has our increasingly globalized world compromised our scientific ethics?”, which I prepared for yesterday.  I was selected to introduce the topic from the standpoint that scientific ethics have not been negatively affected. This was a […]

LIYSF Day 13 – 5 August 2013

This morning we had a lecture on low carbon energy by Professor Roland Clift. Professor Clift is, amongst many other things, an adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia, which is quite close to where I live. Perhaps I will be able to attend some of the public lectures that he will give in […]

LIYSF Day 12 – 4 August 2013

Hello Everyone, Today will be a short entry as there were no lectures today; however it was quite a packed day. There also will be very few pictures as they were very often not allowed at the places I went. I started the day by going to Westminster Abbey, which was a great experience. Westminster […]

LIYSF Day 11 – 3 August 2013

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone, This morning we had a lecture on colour and how we perceive it, given by Dr. Andrew Hanson. We were given sweets (candies) that had been coloured so that the colour did not match the flavour of the sweet. It was amazing how hard it was to tell what flavour the sweet […]

LIYSF Day 10 – 2 August 2013

This morning I went to a lecture on animal disease and how treatments have changed through the ages. This rather basic lecture was nevertheless a good reminder that things are often more complicated than are initially apparent. It also showed everyone again that when we change from the status quo things such as feeding meat […]

LIYSF Day 9 – 1 August 2013

This morning I got up early to have breakfast and make it onto the coach to Oxford. Some pictures from around Oxford. Seeing plaques such as the one below are not uncommon here. Firstly, we went to the history of science museum, which was great, except that we didn’t have as much time there as […]

LIYSF Day 8 – 31 July 13

This morning had an exciting twist: I got stuck in a lift (elevator)! I was just going down to have breakfast and had just got into the lift when I saw that some fellow LIYSF’ers were coming down the hall, and so I put my hand out to stop the door from shutting. Normally the […]

LIYSF Day 7 – 30 July 13

I got up at 5:45 this morning to have a shower and have breakfast before going to the John Innes Centre (JIC). This is a world leading institution with a focus on microbiology and plant science, particularly in the cereal crops. As the JIC is in Norwich, Norfolk, we got to see some of the […]

LIYSF Day 6 – 29 July 13

After yesterday’s brief shower, weather has kept on being uncharacteristically hot here in London. Today we had a lecture on malaria and diagnosing disease. The lecture was really interesting and was followed by lunch. After lunch we were broken up into groups whereupon we discussed some of the questions that had been presented in this […]