Maximum workload for teaching faculty

Dear UFV faculty,

On Friday March 24, the Faculty and Staff Association circulated a Bulletin to all B, Limited Term and sessional faculty which stated that it was the Association’s position that the annual maximum workload limits described in Step 7 of Article 18.14 of the 2014-19 Collective Agreement were not to be applied until the 2017-2018 academic year. The Bulletin also suggested that the ability to override the terms of this article through the Summer 2017 semester was discussed at bargaining and that Human Resources was aware of it.

Please note that this is incorrect. As per Paragraph 2 of the signed MoA covering the Agreement, and as approved by the Public Sector Employees Association, the maximum annual workload limits in Step 7 took effect at ratification of the Agreement October 3 2016 and have been applied by UFV since. Any exceptions to these limits would only be in specific exceptional cases and then only on the written agreement of both the university and the Association.

For more information please contact Ken Brealey, Associate Vice-Provost Faculty Relations.

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