Public Sector Economic Stability Dividend

UFV Faculty and Staff,

We are passing along this news release from the Ministry of Finance, regarding a 0.45% salary increase for unionized public sector employees who have reached agreements under the BC Government’s Economic Stability Mandate for collective bargaining.

This pay increase is not available to UFV unionized employees, as we do not have a tentative or concluded agreement in place.

The UFV bargaining team has met to confirm our intentions to bargain productively and in good faith with the FSA team appointed to continue negotiating the 2014-2019 agreement. We now await the FSA’s return to the table with proposals.

We will investigate whether this pay increase may apply to unionized employees at UFV upon future ratification of an agreement under the Economic Stability Mandate.

The Ministry of Finance news release is online here:

For UFV updates on the collective bargaining process, please visit


Leslie Courchesne
Executive Director, University Relations
University of the Fraser Valley

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