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Windows 7 FAQs


How does the change affect me?  What can I expect to see?

For most staff, the biggest change will be the new Windows 7 desktop.  The drive letters for personal, departmental, and public drives (F:, G:, and H:) will stay the same and will be accessed the same way.

What software is supported?

The Standard Software Set is installed by default when your computer is upgraded to Windows 7.  The list of standard applications includes:

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Outlook)
7 Zip
Adobe Acrobat Reader X
Adobe Flash
Adobe Shockwave
Mozilla Firefox
Novell Client
Java SE
Windows 7 Codec

What if I require other applications not listed in the Standard Software Set?

Many other applications can be installed after the upgrade, either from the network or using software media provided.  Prior to the upgrade, we will be asking users to identify applications critical to their day-to-day operations.  In the case of applications which have been purchased separately by a user or department, IT Services may ask you to provide the installation media and/or license codes as necessary.

Is any software unsupported?

Most existing software is supported.  However, as with any upgrade, there may be older software which is not compatible with Windows 7.  It is important that you identify critical applications before the migration.  IT Services continues to test many of the common applications and can either verify or recommend an upgrade or replacement if necessary.

How different is Windows 7 from my current version of Windows?

Currently, UFV computers use Windows XP which is nearing the end of product support.  Windows 7 is the most current desktop operating system and has been installed on new home computers and laptops for well over a year.  Therefore, Windows 7 will be familiar to many people already.  Although the desktop does look different and has several new features, the way you access files, print, and run programs is very similar.

Where can I find more information about Windows 7?

You can find more information on Microsoft’s Windows 7 site.

Will Windows 7 training be available to UFV staff?

IT Services does not provide training services. As always, Employee Services may arrange training for groups if there is a significant demand. Please contact Employee Services at if you would like to request Windows 7 training.

Will the Programs menu look different?

The familiar UFV Programs menu will no longer be used, but all programs can be started from the Windows 7 Start menu, or from a desktop shortcut.

How will my upgrade happen and how long will it take?

Typically, at the end of the day that your migration and upgrade have been scheduled, your network files including those on your F: drive, as well as the shared departmental files, will be copied over to the new file servers.  That evening, an automated process will be initiated to install Windows 7 and the Standard Software Set on the computers in your department.  The next morning, IT Services personnel will be on site in the department to install any other critical applications and to deal with any concerns or questions you may have.