UUP Scholarship Winner

Amanda_UUP Scholarship Winner 2013“The UUP classes really helped me to believe in myself and believe that my goal was reachable. Just the belief alone was enough for me to want to do everything in my power to do my best.”

Amanda had a life goal of becoming a graphic designer. Due to a very trying life, her ability to reach such a goal felt next to impossible, and the opportunity to do so took years to come. Thanks to the UUP department at University of the Fraser Valley, that opportunity came in September 2012. Her upgrading instructors noticed the amount of personal achievement she was making; so much so that in June 2013, she was awarded the $500 UUP scholarship. The scholarship was put towards her Fall 2013 tuition, and the recognition from this scholarship will carry Amanda through her time at UFV. Amanda will always turn to her UUP success during any struggle she may come across in life.

“Receiving this recognition has truly opened my eyes to knowledge that I AM able to achieve more than I thought possible. Thank you to all the UUP staff for all of your support and your recognition. It will be remembered always.”

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