Social Media Resources in Education

Find a collection of blogs, articles, and videos from to help teachers engage students through social media tools in the classroom as part of in 21st-century learning by clicking here. Along with items for professional development, creating social media guidelines, you will also find digital citizenship and online safety resources.  

Training on the Youth Criminal Justice Act

Training on the Youth Criminal Justice Act Are you interested in learning more about Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)? A new online tool has been developed with the goal of educating the public on matters concerning the YCJA. There are many learning options available for youth, teachers, and criminal justice professionals throughout the website […]

Positive Behaviour Support: The Connection to Social Responsibility

This workshop will take place February 6 & 7th, 2014 and will feature Jody Langlois and Risha Golby. The purpose of the workshop is to establish a framework for a school to develop and implement a school-wide approach to behaviour, social responsibility, and academic achievement. For more information, click here.