On the Rights of Indigenous Children

 The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (article 27) establishes the right of every person, in community with other members of his or her group, to enjoy his or her own culture, to profess and practise his or her own religion or to use his or her own language. The right is both individual […]

New Article on Cyber Bullying Released

The Department of Justice has released a new edition of the Victims of Crime Digest which contains information regarding the current information on cyber bulling and also where current understanding of the topic can be improved. The article concluded that while there is legislature regarding cyber-bullying through federal, provincial and municipal governments there is a […]

Children’s Rights in School: A survey for youth

  The University of Ottawa, in partnership with Ryerson University, is working to develop a new way to approach anti-violence efforts in schools that is based on child rights. As part of this project, they are inviting young people to participate in an online survey that will allow them to share their experience and perspectives, […]