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February 26th, 2014 is Pink Shirt Day!

This February, 26th, 2014, wear pink to draw attention to the importance of supportive relationships! Remind others about the story behind Pink Shirt Day to inspire others to become courageous in the face of injustice. Reflect on the actions that two brave Nova Scotia students took in protest against the harassment that was happening to a grade 9 boy because he was wearing a pink shirt to school. Since handing out pink t-shirts to all the boys in their school in 2007, Pink Shirt Day has been observed every year in February and now observed worldwide.

For more information on Pink Shirt Day, click here.

More information about why you should stand up to bullying is available on the following fact sheets:


Bullying: Relational Aggression Among University Students

Disabilities and Vulnerability to Bullying




New program to teach Canadian youth to act ethically online

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In recognition of Cyber Security Month, MediaSmarts—a Canadian centre for digital and media literacy—has launched a new program for parents and teachers to teach young people to be ethical online citizens called Stay on the Path: Teaching Kids to be Safe and Ethical Online.

The bilingual program teaches young people to respect people’s privacy (by not oversharing), respect people’s feelings (by not bullying) and respect people’s property (by understanding copyright and plagiarism). It includes a four-lesson unit on search skills and critical thinking; a self-directed tutorial that examines the moral dilemmas that young people face in their online activities and strategies for dealing with them; and three tip sheets for parents on how to teach kids to be safe and ethical online.

For more information click here.

October, 10th, 2013 was World Health Day

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A new guide has just been released by the Ministry of Children and Families for the purpose of preventing youth suicide. To download Preventing youth suicide: A guide for practitioners (Sep 2013) click here.

In addition, a practical tools section on the Ministry site provides users with quick and easy access to helpful tools and practical guidelines that have been developed to assist with the following:

(1) Recognizing suicide risk
(2) Assessing suicide risk
(3) Responding to suicide risk and deaths

Find this information here.

MindShift Mobile App

Anxiety BC has released a great new app designed for smartphones. It helps youth cope with anxiety and stressful events in their lives.

Click for more information and a link to download the app – a very useful resource to pass on!

Summer Learning

As a parent, are you worried that your child will be affected by a learning slump this summer? While kids may believe summer should be filled with fun activities, edutopia’s website shows you how you can create opportunities with them to have fun learning.

Click here for more information




Cycling4Diversity seeks to encourage intercultural relationships by educating students and citizens on the benefits of embracing cultural diversity in their schools and communities.


The group will be arriving in Abbotsford on Friday, May 24th at the Reach Museum. Join the community in welcoming them home!

Check them out on the web here.