About Us


The UFV Centre for Safe Schools and Communities (CSSC) is committed to bringing people and organizations together to promote dialogue, generate collaborative and interdisciplinary capacity, enrich learning experiences for students, and facilitate the merging of evidence-led practices in schools and communities in order to promote the health and well-being of children and youth.

Our Story

In 1998, the BC Centre for Safe Schools and Communities (CSSC) was launched as a joint initiative of the BC Ministry of Education and the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. To build on its initial success while in Burnaby, the Centre was relocated to the University of the Fraser Valley in 2004 to promote safe, healthy, and caring schools and communities. The relocation to the University provided an opportunity for government and communities to benefit from the Centre’s provincial focus, while expanding its capacity to offer research services, academic expertise, and student involvement within a university setting in an effort to redefine and develop its program delivery to schools, police, communities, and other areas of government.

In similar fashion, in 2005, the BC Centre for Social Responsibility (CSR) was established initially at the University as a joint initiative of the BC Ministry of Public Safety, Ministry of Child and Family Development, Ministry of Labour and Citizens Service, and the University of the Fraser Valley. The Centre had a mandate to promote prevention and awareness on a wide range of social problems of concern to British Columbians, primarily in the area of addictive behaviours, such as gaming, substance abuse, alcohol consumption, and the Internet, and public safety with the aim of increasing social responsibility.

This new beginning reflects a blended vision, mission, and mandate of the UFV Centre for Safe Schools and Communities that supports the University of the Fraser Valley’s commitment to schools and communities by being a leader of social and cultural development, promoting innovation and entrepreneurialism, and providing the best undergraduate education in Canada.


Children and youth in British Columbia are nurtured in safe, caring and inclusive schools and communities in order to ensure their well-being and maximize their potential.


To facilitate the use of evidence-informed approaches to promoting safe, healthy, and inclusive schools and communities.


To provide research and resources that supports the creation of safe, nurturing, and socially “just” schools and communities throughout British Columbia.

Core Business Areas

  • Personal, School, and Community Safety;
  • Student Development and Mentoring;
  • Social Justice;
  • Restorative Justice;
  • Evidence-Based Social Policy Development and Evaluation;
  • Civic Engagement, Human Rights, and Community Capacity Building;
  • Local, Provincial, National, and International Partnership Development;
  • Resource Dissemination;
  • Professional Training; and
  • Outreach and Mobilization


The Centre is established on three broad beliefs:

  • Fostering physical, psychological, social, and academic health for all children and adults creates healthier and safer schools and communities;
  • Collaborative planning and the integration of services is an effective way to mobilize community strengths to address community identified issues; and
  • The views of children and youth, and their meaningful participation in the development of community strategies and initiatives, are essential to achieving the goal of safe, healthy, and socially responsible schools and communities.

Guiding Principles


We recognize that all members of society hold fundamental human rights, must be afforded equitable opportunities, and share both social obligations and benefits.


We acknowledge and value the diverse and unique characteristics of all members of society and work to ensure full and equitable participation.


While short term intervention is a necessary strategy, we believe that effective, sustainable long-term improvement is best accomplished through preventative approaches and restorative action.


We work in partnership with children, youth, schools, communities, and government to advance safe, healthy, and inclusive communities.


We encourage the use of sound research to inform decisions about policy and program development, implementation, and evaluation.


In the delivery of services and research practices, we ensure that our work enhances the lives of individuals and communities, and does not create harm.


We facilitate and encourage the development of partnerships to advance innovative programming and practices to further the goal of safe, healthy, and socially just schools and communities.

For more information, contact:

Annette Vogt, MA
Centre’s Coordinator
604-504-7441 (4222)