Children with Parents in Prison: A Best Practice Guide

Working in collaboration with faculty associates from UFV’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice and School of Social Work, the Centre for Safe Schools and Communities is developing a best practices model for responding to children who have a parent in the criminal justice system. A detailed, applied literature and scoping review has already been completed and confirming that children who have parents in prison are an at-risk population who face serious challenges. This report examines current tools and strategies used in BC and other jurisdictions in Canada and internationally to intervene and/or prevent the cycle of criminal justice contact for children of an incarcerated parent, to reduce their risk of involvement with Child Protection Services, and to aid resiliency. An expert working group review occurred on December 5th, 2013 to raise awareness of this issue among government, NGO’s, academics, and students. The completed study will be released by March 31st and culminate in a series of recommendations specifically for the Fraser Valley, while having wider applicability for BC and Canada. This work will form the basis for future initiatives to support a largely invisible demographic of children and youth in BC.

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