Harassment or Supervision? What are your thoughts?

Irene has been a team lead in an administrative function for fifteen years and has shown tremendous attention to detail. She has an excellent reputation for being demanding but fair in directing the work of those with whom she works. She has a proven track record of leading her teams to complete projects on time […]

February 27th, 2013 is PINK SHIRT DAY

  February 27th, 2013 is PINK SHIRT DAY! Take the PLEDGE OF PINK: Stand-Up Against Bullying     We are inviting you to share (anonymously…if you wish), how you have been impacted by Bullying. You may post your stories here, in response to this blog post, submit them to my confidential email at : kim.white@ufv.ca, […]

Compassion and Conflict: Forgiving, Letting Go and Moving On

 “Only when compassion is born in your heart, is it possible to forgive.” Thich Nhat Hanh This past summer I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland, a breathtakingly scenic place painted with a myriad hues of green, populated by the most friendly of folk and rain…lots of it!  Having previously been to the south, […]

New Year….New Skills for Engaging in Successful Dialogue

Successful dialogue requires mental preparation, an opportunity to take a pause to cool down, slow down and prepare the way to engage constructively.  A simple way to remember how to be and what to do in conflict is to remember these three key steps: Cool Down, Slow Down, and Engage Constructively. What follows are some […]

…And the winner is Leona MacDonald

Many thanks to the very creative, thoughtful and clever names for the Elephant in the Room…the conflict resolution office that is! With over 83% of the popular vote, Leona’s entry was chosen. Welcome to FRASER, the aptly named elephant in A273. Fraser: Proudly named for our University and also for the breadth, depth, and confluence […]